Welcome to the Linfield "Why Wikis?" page!

This page was created to aggregate ways in which a wiki page might be used in a higher education class. If you have a wiki use you'd like to share, please feel free to add it to the list. By the way, Wikispaces is free, ad-free and private for higher education users. Maholo!

Why should I use a wiki?
  • Wiki tools are powerful, low-threshold collaboration tools. Wikis are cheap and in many instances, free.

  • Whenever I need to create a document collectively with a group of people, I can make the document ubiquitously accessible via the web. I can control who can see and edit the document, and I can keep the document private until I am ready to share it with others.

  • I can track the revisions of the document to see who what make changes and when, and even roll back the document to a previous point in time. This allows me to see quickly and easily if someone in my group has an idea that needs to be further explored.

  • When I want to share a rough draft of an idea with others that needs development, I can quickly and easily post the idea to a wiki page and share it with others, who can then help flesh out my idea.

  • Wikis can be used for everything from how-to documents that need to be updated regularly to college policy manuals that may be edited only occasionally, but by people who need access from widely varying points.

  • I can ask my students to create help manuals, glossaries, group chapter summaries or whatever is needed and by checking the revision history, grading is a snap.

This might be a useful chart for anyone trying to figure out which tool to use: